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Attack Calculator Widget logo Attack Calculator Widget RPG attack calculator widget for Mac OS X 10.4.3 and later is a simple widget that makes it easier for a dungeon master who loses his/her D20 dice a lot! more info...
Now live on Apple®'s download site.
Dial-a-Dice logo Dial-a-Dice Dial-a-Dice is a unique dice rolling app which works with the Apple iPhoneŞ and iPod touch¨. Handy for everything from character creation to combat, Dial-a-Dice is also useful for when you need... more info...
XM3RPG logo XM3RPG XM3RPG, the eXpandible Modular Modifiable Multi-genre Role Playing Game, is a "Pen and Paper" (non-computer) RPG. XM3RPG is compatible with any world imaginable, while remaining relatively simple. It relies on a modular system: worldbooks. GMs can easily create their own setting-specific supplements to modify XM3RPG to be usable with their universe of choice. The result is a system in which it's vastly easier to create new adventures and worlds in which to set them, and in which each of those worlds is supported by both the power of a genre-specific system and the flexibility of the core XM3RPG.

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